Pottery Workshop: Sculpting & Wine

Mindful pottery workshop for beginners! Learn basic sculpting techniques, have creative fun with friends and calm your busy mind.

Many craftspeople and artists will tell you of the serene benefits working with your hands to create something tangible, and beautiful, can have on your mind. Whilst sometimes gruelling physical work, clay, and in particular the hand-building process, is a mindful and calming activity.

Join Beth from BLW. Ceramics Studio as she guides you through a two-hour mindful ceramics workshop that will teach you basic sculpting methods and leave you feeling creatively refreshed.

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Thursday 28th July

Thursday 25th August

Thursday 22nd September

Thursday 27th October

Thursday 24th November

What’s included:

1. All tools including clay

2. Demo and step-by-step workbook

3. Wine or soft drink

4. Sharing platter of nibbles

5. Polaroid of your finished piece (optional)

What’s not included:

The firing and glazing of your sculpture is not included. Although you are very welcome to take your piece home as it is in it’s raw form. This class is designed to help you re-focus your mind and experience the creative and calming benefits of working with clay. Not all of the work created in class will survive being cooked in the kiln.


What to bring and wear?

Yourself! Wear clothes you don’t mind getting a little clay on. There should be minimal mess but it’s better to be prepared than to ruin your favourite top.

Can I just turn up and pay on the day?

Avoid any potential disappointment by pre-booking your place at the workshop via Eventbrite. We can only host 10 people per session in the Library Room at Westow House.

What exactly will I make in the class?

Beth will introduce you to artist Niki de Saint Phalle (NDSP). NDSP is famous for her large scale abstract female forms: Nanas. You will re-create one of these figures, although a lot smaller scale, using 1.5 lbs of clay. You will learn basic sculpting techniques to create a small sculpture as an introduction to the medium of clay. You are encouraged to document the process and end result with photos throughout the class.

Can I take my sculpture home?

You can if you wish! But for those not able to transport it, and/or are happy to participate in the ‘leave it as you found it ritual’ Beth will recycle the clay.

A note on unfired clay: When the clay dries out it creates a dust and the object is not solid until it is what we call ‘bisqueware’. (When the piece has been fired once in the kiln). If you take the sculpture home in its raw form, it will be very fragile. But you are welcome to try even if to enjoy it for a week or two.

Who is the class for?

All genders and levels are welcome! However, if you are already a master sculptor you will likely not learn anything new. This is a beginners workshop not a masterclass for skilled potters. Whilst we take inspiration from the female figures in NDSP’s work, you may choose to craft any form, as the techniques are broadly the same. Come along, play with clay, sip on wine, and calm your busy mind.